Passionate screen printing visual artist;

eager to support the stimulation of team ideas and firm believer of the mantra

“I am what I do with my hands"in order to 

create what has not yet been imagined


Collaborative community supporter

with a knack for bringing others together and curating thriving, creative spaces that

encourages them to share their best selves



 - Experience -

 Kong Screenprinting 

1,000+ hours experience managing daily tasks of a screen room as a one~man team


100+ hours on a manual press completing projects including shirts, totes, blankets

​Full time

  • Prepping & reclaiming screens for production - detaping, washing out, coating, storage

  • Exposing screens - Experience using transparencies and CTS machine for exposure process 

  • Chemical treatments - ink degradent, emulsion remover, degreaser, heavy duty dehazer

  • Expert knowledge of screen meshes (86-305) and sizes - small, standard, bandana, flag, etc.

  • Troubleshooting technical problems & maintaining equipment to necessary conditions


  • Assisting printers with any and all additional duties on the floor when necessary

  • Press assistant - shirt pulling, catching, checking for ink coverage and leaks 

  • Quality assurance - temperature control, stretch tests, design placement review

  • Cleanliness - cleaning print equipment, spiffing out stains, sizing spray for press marks

  • Packaging - maintaining accurate inventory counts, boxing orders, labeling for shipping


"Christian is one of those people who can effortlessly get along with everyone. He's most often smiling and ready to offer a kind word or silly joke and is definitely a glass-half full kind of guy. 


In addition to being an all around entertaining person, he always seems to be in a good mood. 


Initiative is really where Christian's creativity shines through, it seems he'll have a great idea and execute it before everyone else has even caught wind of the thought. 

Christian has demonstrated enormous bandwidth in keeping up with the relentless demand of our screen room, and assisting on the production floor as much as possible.​ His input has consistently enabled out screen room to become more efficient, and his original concepts are always a fresh take.

He shows a great care for his work and communicating with his team members to ensure accuracy on each project. If I had to describe him in three words it would be: creative, kind, optimistic."


Katherine Gibson

Office Manager

Kong Screenprinting


A contemporary market installation aiming to provide a new kind of shopping experience and showcase the diverse range of talent largely underrepresented in Austin.

- Shop Up -

Founder & Director




Create a communal space for local DIY creators to express themselves 

& maintain a sustainable alternative

to traditional models lacking the framework to serve artists’ needs. 


The first event brought together over 100 community members and artists of all mediums; together we sold over $1300, with a majority of the profits going directly back to the artists to invest in their personal craft. 



Directed every step of event production, from idea formation to day~of execution, in order to maintain an expressive space while supporting the artists' economic sustainability in the process.

Curated the artistic direction of brand, including: marketing content, art installations and interactive event activities

Facilitated communication between artists and Shop Up teamensuring that all parties had

accurate understanding of responsibilities & expectations

I have felt a deep longing for an alternative to the traditional model of artists struggling to sell their art, so instead I wanted to provide a safe space that would benefit others to spend less time selling and more time creating. 




- Skills -



- Behind the Camera -


- In Front of the Camera -



Thank you! :-)